Things you can’t ignore in box gambling

Boxing bets in the world of gambling stands apart traditionally. To predict the result of a boxing match is important to realize the real expertise of athletes, their styles, current conditions, bettor’s experience is essential too. Let’s puzzle out step by step.

Statistical ratios of boxers

First of all, look through anthropometric indicators of boxers and their age. Weight category in boxing is of considerable importance too. If the fight takes place in the middleweight division, where one boxer is closer to the first average and the other to the second average, the second will have a certain advantage. This is not an iron rule, however, as practice shows, the advantage in the weight of the boxer is necessary to count on.

The main things about the boxer to know:

  • number of battles fought;
  • number of wins and defeats.

Also you should also mention the style of conduct: whether the athlete likes to prolong the fight, trying to exhaust the opponent, or he is one of those who like to solve all problems in the first half of the battle.

Analysis before the fight

In many respects the result will depend on subjective factors:

  • mood of the boxer, his motivation and general mental condition;
  • current physical shape of the athlete;
  • presence of injuries, recent operations;
  • individual advantages of a boxer.

All these aspects can affect both the number of rounds and the final result of the match.

Typical bets to gamble on

There are some types of boxing stakes you can usually gamble on:

  • Bets on the winner. Here everything is clear, as in other sports there is a favorite and an underdog. At the same time, a draw is the least probable result: it’s very difficult to predict, and the odds are often too high! 
  • Stakes on rounds’ number. Here the bettor can predict how many rounds the fight will last. Some bookmakers offer to choose a group of rounds (for example: the fight will end in a period of 3-5 rounds). It’s also possible to gamble on the exact round in which the fight ends. 
  • Quick victory of one of the boxers. Winning boxing by knockout is a fairly common phenomenon, especially in heavyweight categories. This result includes winning by knockout, technical knockout (lack of opportunity for the second boxer to continue the fight), disqualification of the opponent or refusal to fight. Separately, it’s offered to bet on the victory of the judges’ decision (for this, of course, the fight must last the prescribed number of rounds).
  • Bet on the knockdown itself. You can predict whether there will be a knockdown or who will launch a blow.

The main to pin down

Therefore, due to careful preliminary analysis, you can easily predict the outcome of almost any boxing match. Self-confidence, cold mind and natural intelligence are all you need to start earning on bets today.