Betting on box: not boring way to gain

Box is one of the sports which are popular on all continents. In recent decades, it has become more a show than a sport, but this has only gained in popularity. Bettors don’t often gamble on the box, although the line on it’s given by almost all offices. Probably affected by a small number of events in the line and a large margin of bookmakers.

Historical insight on boxing

Box was invented in ancient Rome and Greece, although then it wasn’t called this way. In the 17th century, England already had a prototype of today’s boxing, but almost didn’t differ little from the usual street fighting. At the end of the 19th century a set of game rules appeared, and in 1904 it was included in the Olympic program.

Today there are three types of boxing: amateur, semi-professional and professional. Only amateurs and semi-professionals have the right to participate in the Olympic Games.

Features of such bets

Here is the briefest list of boxing particularities you should know:

  1. Bookmakers often overestimate the odds on lesser-known fighters. As fans usually bet on the favorite, they are forced to change the odds in favor of the outsider because of the skew.
  2. If bookmakers don’t offer odds for a draw, and the fight ends with this result, then there may be a return of bets’ sum, but it’s better to find out about it in the rules of the agency.

Box gambling: pros and cons

So let’s check this out on both sides.


  • This is an individual sport, so there are no teammates whose mistakes can affect the outcome.
  • There is a lot of information about fighters for pre-match analysis.


  • For the majority of matches, the bettor can gamble only on the result. Some bookmakers put the line only on the most status matches too.
  • Here any opponent can win thanks to a knockdown.
  • Refereeing scandals may occur (when the victory is given to the favorite while the underdog looked pretty much better).

The things taken altogether

Boxing is incredibly addicting. However today it is unlikely able to compete with football or basketball, with each passing year its popularity among bettors grows. Since it’s is an individual game, you need to do a lot of preparation before placing a bet. Having analyzed all the risks and the conditions of opponents (physical, mental, in a tournament, playing style, etc.), you can learn how to make money on it. Like in all other sports, such bets have their own particularities,pros and cons. Indeed, to start making money on this gambling you need to sweat and toil, but it is definitely worth it. So do not hesitate and start developing and earning while enjoying the process.